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Learn how to install wordpress manually on local pc and on web server

We all know that wordpress is used by millions of people world wide, wordpress is powerful and dynamic CMS(Content management system) software, here is a brief knowledge about wordpress.

About wordpress:

WordPress is the most popular self-hosted blogging software in use today.It is available as an open source project, licensed under the GPL, and is built largely on top of the MySQL database and PHP programming language. Any server environment that supports that simple combination can run WordPress, making it remarkably portable as well as simple to install and operate. You don’t need to be a systems administrator, developer, HTML expert, or design aesthete to use WordPress. On the other hand, because WordPress has been developed using a powerful set of Internet standard platforms, it can be used for the varities of application. [Continue reading]

C Sharp program to check greater number using if and else


 Here i am going to show you a basic c# program to determine greater number between two numbers  with appropriate message. Question : Write a program to accept two numbers from the user and find out which one is greater and display a … [Continue reading]

C sharp program to check odd and even number using if and else.


Here i am going to show you a simple c# program to check odd and even number.   Question: Write a program to accept a number from the user and check if it is even or odd and display appropriate message. using System; using … [Continue reading]

An Introduction to Scope and necessity of software engineering

Scope and necessity of software engineering

Scope and necessity of software engineering Software engineering is an engineering approach for software development. We can alternatively view it as a systematic collection of past experience. The experience is arranged in the form of … [Continue reading]

Create a color picker tool using html and javascript

html javascript color picker

Today we are going to learn how to create a hex color picker widget using HTML and javascript , using this widget you can also get hexadecimal code of choosen color.This is really a very useful tool For designing a web templete we often need color … [Continue reading]

HTML5 and javascript code for Form validation

Now a days HTMl5 and javascript is primary choice for web designer to design their website, you can't make good looking and responsive website without using HTML5, javascript and jquery Here i am going to show you how we can validate a form field … [Continue reading]

What Are the Special Characters in php You Need to Escape in Single-Quoted Strings?

php interview

There are two special characters you need to escape in a single-quote string: the single quote (') and the back slash (\). PHP script example of single-quoted strings: <?php echo 'Hello world!'; echo 'It\'s Friday!'; echo '\\ represents … [Continue reading]

Create a basic website templete using HTML and CSS from scratch

basic site templete

Today we will Create a basic website templete from scratch. This tutorial is divided into two parts HTML part and CSS part ---------Basic templete |________index.html |________style.css HTML part: Save the HTML code with index.html in Basic … [Continue reading]

How to create a tryit yourself editor like w3schools.com ?

try it editor

Now a days most of the tutorial site like w3schools.com provide try it yourself editor for their user to manupulate the existing code accoording to their needs.This provides a very good learning experience Now we are going to learn "How to create a … [Continue reading]

C# interview questions and answers

C# interview qustionsand answers

Some important interview question on c#, These questions may be asked in any interviews on .net platform C# interview questions and answers 1.Does C# support multiple-inheritance? No. But you can use Interfaces. 2.Where is a protected … [Continue reading]

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